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Below are links to lesson plans, PowerPoint lectures, laboratory exercises and background information on molecular biology and molecular genetics.

The lesson plans provide an outline of activities for each class and include particular points to emphasize. The PowerPoint lectures are ready for your use in class. Lab exercises/modules provide a list of materials needed and give step-by-step instructions for …and are annotated for teachers …

The background information will help you bone up on.

  From DNA to Organism: A Study in DNA Function for the High School Biology Classroom

• Lab manual


Sample timeline for learning program

Premodule questionnaire

Postmodule questionnaire

Lab write-up format

Lab write-up scoring checklist

Lab write-up scoring sheet

premodule: Scientific method and plant growth

Module 1: Phenotypes

Module 2: DNA and genes

Module 3: Manipulating genes

Module 4: Yeast and the gene

Module 5: Structure and function in proteins

Module 6: Genes’ effects on the organism

Tips for growing Arabidopsis

Additional information on growing Arabidopsis

Materials and vendors

Appendix : Some information regarding protein modeling software

Works consulted

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